Your customers
deserve the best
possible experiences,
and Iterum delivers.


Connecting people with incredible experiences

With our innovative omnichannel solutions and deep experience in the sector, we can help telcos engage with their customers on a new level.

iTerum Connections Telecommunications


Tech Support

Our experienced teams have extensive product knowledge and provide multi-tier support with optimal resolution time across multiple channels.


Innovative technologies

We leverage the best in robotic process automation, chatbots, and artificial intelligence to give telcos an edge in this competitive industry.


Sales and CX

Iterum can help you win customers and keep them loyal to your brand. Ask us how our sales and customer experience strategies can help grow your business.

Retail and eCommerce

Enhancing customer experiences from end to end

At Iterum, we give retailers the agility, flexibility, and innovation they need to succeed in the ever-changing customer journey.

iTerum Connections Retail


Agile Approach to CX

From start-ups to global retail chains, we’re flexible enough to deliver incredible experiences at every stage of customer engagement.


Multilingual Service

Our teams provide world-class customer service in English, Spanish and Portuguese, so you ensure their satisfaction wherever they call home.


Continuous innovation

As technology evolves daily, we’re constantly innovating one step ahead of the newest customer trends. Whenever you need to meet your customers, we can help you get there.

Travel and Hospitality

When it comes to the customer journey, we live to serve

Iterum can enhance the traveler experience from end to end, creating loyal customers who can’t wait to come back to your business.

iTerum Connections Travel and Hospitality


Sales and retention

Winning new customers is essential for travel and hospitality brands to return to steady growth. Iterum can help you scale up your customer base and keep them coming back for more.


Customer experience

Our international, multilingual teams can support your customers across multiple channels, allowing you to focus on providing a great welcome when they arrive.


Innovate to grow

Iterum applies cutting-edge RPA, chatbots, and AI tools that enhance the traveler experience, giving you the power to attract even the most tech-savvy tourists to your brand.

Financial Services

Can you afford not to impress your customers?

Our experienced teams can handle fraud prevention, financial care, and customer experience so you can focus on growing your business.

iTerum Connections Retail


Faster authentication and better security

Fraud prevention should never come at the expense of happy customers, so we provide speedy advanced authentication and security measures that have minimal impact on CX.


Innovative technologies

Our intelligent automation reduces the processing time for high-frequency tasks and can result in a cost reduction of as much as 50% to 70%.


Reliable back-office support

With our streamlined billing and invoicing processes, we reduce errors, maximize efficiency, and provide your customers with a pain-free experience.

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