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Business Intelligence

Unlock strategic insights that will enhance your business' decision-making.

At Iterum Connections, our Business Intelligence division plays a pivotal role in harnessing the power of data for informed decision-making. From data discovery and validation to identifying source systems, our experts collaborate with users to define business requirements and needs. We specialize in data analysis, continuously identifying, analyzing, and enhancing existing business processes to optimize performance, adhere to best practices, and elevate the overall customer and end-user experience.

Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

Achieved with unified data sources.
  • Data Warehouse
  • Manual Data (Roster, Schedules)
  • Operational System Data (Five9, Q-metrics)
  • Other Department Data (Payroll, Recruitment.

Data Analytics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business’ position with our robust data analytics services. Benefit from centralized reporting and in-depth data analysis covering attendance, operational dashboards, and financial reporting.

Process Improvement

Our commitment to excellence extends to the optimization of business processes. We engage in the practice of identifying, analyzing, and enhancing existing processes to boost performance, align with industry best practices, and elevate the quality of customer and end-user experiences.

Global Presence, Multilingual Expertise

of experts operate seamlessly in-center and remotely across Central America, South America, and the Caribbean .

Good People, Good Connections

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