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Our name might be new, but our experience and leadership recognition in the BPO industry is not. Iterum senior leadership has over 100 years of combined global experience in the BPO industry; many started as agents and worked their way up to roles where they’ve assumed key and strategic business responsibilities. By being disciplined but nimble, results-driven and people centered, we have been able to grow into who we are now. We will continue to work hard to reach our goals and help you reach yours, too.

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Our Leaders

Miro Batista

Miro is a results-driven executive with a stellar track record in growth strategies. Recognized for his collaborative leadership style, Miro has assembled high-impact operating teams across diverse countries and cultures. His extensive understanding of the Americas and Caribbean regions, coupled with a consultative approach, maximizes the value Iterum brings to clients. Co-founder of Iterum Connections in January 2019, Miro fosters a fresh culture focused on people, proving pivotal to achieving outstanding results. Read More

Joe Fidanque III

As the fifth generation of an entrepreneurial family in Panama, Joe continues a legacy of business expansion, including venturing into the BPO industry. With experience including the administration of Tocumen International Airport, Joe's leadership extends to various directorial positions. A Tufts University graduate, Joe's multi-faceted roles include philanthropy, board membership, and participation in triathlon and Ironman competitions during his downtime. Read More

Juan Lopez
COO & SVP of Operations

With over 13 years in the BPO industry, Juan is renowned for his passion and insistence on the highest standards. His expertise spans leadership development, performance management, financial management, and client relations. Born and raised in Guatemala, Juan has launched several projects and led operations across 6 countries, actively contributing to various industry verticals. Beyond work, he enjoys family time and sports like soccer and flag football. Read More

Our core team

Natalia Gomez
Marketing Director

Architect by profession, with marketing experience in the retail and luxury brands industries, who found her path in the BPO industry. She has lead the way in building the Iterum brand internally and externally, making Iterum more dynamic while implementing successful marketing and communication strategies. She is passionate and hard-working, she loves visiting new restaurants, kickboxing, and yoga. Read More

Geraldine Trujillo
Learning & Development Director

A seasoned L&D Director, Geraldine is dedicated to bringing out the best in people. She innovates on strategies to enable professional qualities and skills, leading the organizational training & quality strategy. A Lord of the Rings fan, she loves to travel and occasionally indulges in binge-watching sessions, always following Tim Gunn’s mantra: “Make it work.” Read More

Mike Nemer
SVP Sales

Responsible for business development strategic planning, Mike is critical to enhancing the company's long-term competitiveness and growth. With over 25 years in business development and sales leadership in the outsourcing industry, Mike brings executive management experience and a strong belief in servant leadership. Based in Omaha, NE, he balances work with spending time with his grandsons and the occasional long run. Read More

Sonia Lujan
Recruitment Lead

With over 10 years in recruiting/HR, Sonia quickly grasps market dynamics to deliver optimal candidates. Passionate about her team, Sonia is known for her enthusiasm and pride in delivering quality work. Always seeking new adventures, Sonia loves nature, exploring new places, immersing herself in different cultures, and savoring great food, especially sweets! Read More

Our dedicated teams operate in-center and at-home across Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the U.S. Leveraging our nearshore advantages, we make a localized impact while supporting social and environmental initiatives.

Curious to learn more or request a quote? Contact our sales team at sales@iterumconnections.com. Your journey towards exceptional outsourcing services begins here.


 of experts work in-center and at-home in Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and the U.S. 

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