Case studies

Medical Device Company Reduces Error Rate and Saves Money with Pareto Database Solution


Medical monitoring device support company that connects in-home patients experiencing health issues with the support they need in real time.

The Goal

  • To save money and reduce error rates.

The Challenge

  • High error rate. CSRs must decide the right person to connect with the in-home patient. Errors are costly; especially if an emergency ambulance dispatch later proved to be unnecessary.
  • High cost to client.
  • Low CSAT.


Our Approach

  • Analyzed recordings of all calls where an error occurred to determine the root causes for the errors.
  • Developed Pareto database of most common errors and causes.
  • Trained all agents on those errors.
  • Course correction coaching for Agents who committed the errors.


  • Significant reduction in error rate.
  • Major cost savings for client in unnecessary ambulance costs.
  • Higher CSAT.
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