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Health Insurance Company Increases Customer Satisfaction By Improving First-Call Resolution Rate


Our client, a prominent player in the Healthcare Industry, specializes in delivering state-of-the-art, customized insurance solutions to their clients. 

The Goal

The primary objective was to reduce the number of repeat callers and enhance First Call Resolution (FCR) while upholding a high level of customer satisfaction. 

The Challenge

A significant percentage of repeat callers expressed dissatisfaction with the support they received during their initial interactions. At the time of issue identification, the FCR rate stood at 70%, falling short of the client’s target by 4%. Although this might seem like a small deviation, it had a substantial impact on operational efficiency, costs, and customer satisfaction. 

Our Approach

We initiated a comprehensive discovery process, conducting in-depth call audits and behavior development activities to pinpoint the root causes of repeat calls. This data-driven approach allowed us to precisely identify areas requiring improvement. Armed with a clear understanding of common errors, we provided targeted training to all agents, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective issue resolution. Additionally, we implemented a course correction coaching system to closely work with agents who continued to make errors. This ongoing improvement strategy ensured that agents consistently delivered exceptional service. 


In just 7 months, we elevated the First Call Resolution rate from 70% to an impressive 80%. This achievement not only met but exceeded the client’s initial target of 74%, representing a significant improvement in resolving issues on the first call. 

The combined impact of improved FCR and reduced repeat calls resulted in higher customer satisfaction rates. Patients received faster and more effective assistance, which in turn bolstered their trust in the healthcare company’s services. 

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