Strategic Optimization Led To A 2% KPI Variance, Surpassing Client Target

Client A frontrunner in the healthcare sector, excels in delivering customized solutions to their clients.  The Goal Our primary aim was to consistently meet and exceed our client’s performance targets, with a KPI variance of no more than 5%, encompassing Documentation accuracy, Quality, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and Abandon Rate.   The Challenge The primary challenge […]

Healthcare Client Experienced Enhanced Operational Efficiency After Upgrading L&D Plan

Client A leading entity in the healthcare insurance industry, excels in providing tailored, cutting-edge insurance solutions to their clientele.  The Goal Optimize the training process, significantly reduce onboarding time, enhance operational efficiency, and improve service performance while achieving an 88% Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance rate.  The Challenge A significant amount of time was spent […]

Health Insurance Company Increases Customer Satisfaction By Improving First-Call Resolution Rate

Client Our client, a prominent player in the Healthcare Industry, specializes in delivering state-of-the-art, customized insurance solutions to their clients.  The Goal The primary objective was to reduce the number of repeat callers and enhance First Call Resolution (FCR) while upholding a high level of customer satisfaction.  The Challenge A significant percentage of repeat callers […]