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Healthcare Client Experienced Enhanced Operational Efficiency After Upgrading L&D Plan


A leading entity in the healthcare insurance industry, excels in providing tailored, cutting-edge insurance solutions to their clientele. 

The Goal

Optimize the training process, significantly reduce onboarding time, enhance operational efficiency, and improve service performance while achieving an 88% Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance rate. 

The Challenge

A significant amount of time was spent training new hires, with onboarding stretching over 90 days. This lengthy training period affected operational efficiency and delayed the integration of new talent into the workforce. Service Level Agreement (SLA) goals were also not able to be met, with a low performance rate of 80%, and Average Handle Time of 800 seconds 

Our Approach

We initiated a comprehensive review of the training process, leveraging internal and on-site resources. By adding extra development activities, we restructured the New Hire curriculum to make it more efficient and effective. The key focus was on reducing the extensive training period. 


The New Hire proficiency increased dramatically, training reduced from 90 days to just 30 days, showing an impressive improvement of +84%. After implementing our training enhancements, we also saw a remarkable reduction in the Average Handle Time, dropping from 800 seconds to 713 seconds in just seven months. This efficiency improvement optimized customer interactions and boosted operational effectiveness. Our efforts also translated into improved service performance. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) rose from 80% to a commendable 88%.  

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