Strategic Optimization Led To A 2% KPI Variance, Surpassing Client Target

Client A frontrunner in the healthcare sector, excels in delivering customized solutions to their clients.  The Goal Our primary aim was to consistently meet and exceed our client’s performance targets, with a KPI variance of no more than 5%, encompassing Documentation accuracy, Quality, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and Abandon Rate.   The Challenge The primary challenge […]

Healthcare Client Experienced Enhanced Operational Efficiency After Upgrading L&D Plan

Client A leading entity in the healthcare insurance industry, excels in providing tailored, cutting-edge insurance solutions to their clientele.  The Goal Optimize the training process, significantly reduce onboarding time, enhance operational efficiency, and improve service performance while achieving an 88% Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance rate.  The Challenge A significant amount of time was spent […]

Health Insurance Company Increases Customer Satisfaction By Improving First-Call Resolution Rate

Client Our client, a prominent player in the Healthcare Industry, specializes in delivering state-of-the-art, customized insurance solutions to their clients.  The Goal The primary objective was to reduce the number of repeat callers and enhance First Call Resolution (FCR) while upholding a high level of customer satisfaction.  The Challenge A significant percentage of repeat callers […]

Medical Device Company Reduces Error Rate and Saves Money with Pareto Database Solution

Client Medical monitoring device support company that connects in-home patients experiencing health issues with the support they need in real time. The Goal To save money and reduce error rates. The Challenge High error rate. CSRs must decide the right person to connect with the in-home patient. Errors are costly; especially if an emergency ambulance […]

Financial Services Company Lowers Cost Per Contact by 25% with Custom Intelligent IVR

Client American multinational computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. The Goal To improve First Call Resolution rate and provide better Technical Support to customers. The Challenge Missed First Call Resolution rate because Agents had to navigate multiple layers of software, tell hardware failure from an incorrect […]

International Airline Successfully “Lifts and Shifts” to Work-at-Home in Response to Pandemic

Client International airline, the flagship carrier for its home country, and one of the dominant airlines serving the Americas The Goal Onboard a new bilingual vendor. Attain Close Rate performTo initiate work-at-home operations in response to the pandemic. Move from multi-channels to omni-channel to increase efficiency.ance goals. Improve new hire proficiency The Challenge Limited in […]

Internet Retailer Improves New Hire Proficiency by 85%

Client Satellite internet retailer with 100% sales-based compensation structure. The Goal Onboard a new bilingual vendor. Attain Close Rate performance goals. Improve new hire proficiency The Challenge Limited in time and training resources due to the pandemic. Type of calls: inbound/outbound sales Service: satellite internet Lines of Business: USA consumer, Puerto Rico & LATAM (Mexico, […]