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Strategic Optimization Led To A 2% KPI Variance, Surpassing Client Target


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The Goal

Our primary aim was to consistently meet and exceed our client’s performance targets, with a KPI variance of no more than 5%, encompassing Documentation accuracy, Quality, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and Abandon Rate.  

The Challenge

The primary challenge we faced was maintaining a high level of performance in a dynamic and demanding healthcare environment while adhering to ambitious client targets. We recognized that any deviations from these metrics could potentially have a negative impact on our client’s operations and, ultimately, patient satisfaction.  

Client Targets:  

Documentation: 94%  

Quality: 96%  

Service Level Agreement: 85%  

Average Handling Time (AHT): 618 seconds  

Abandon Rate: -4%  

Expectations: Deviation rate of no more than 5% for all KPIs.  

Our Approach

We meticulously analyzed data trends, enabling us to make well-informed decisions regarding resource allocation and process optimization. Central to our strategy was our unwavering commitment to our agents’ growth and development. Through continuous training and development programs, we equipped our team with the skills and knowledge required to not only meet but effortlessly surpass the client’s performance targets.  

We further solidified our dedication to maintaining high-quality standards by establishing a robust Quality Assurance (QA) process. This process included regular feedback sessions and coaching to consistently uphold and elevate our quality standards. Additionally, we fine-tuned our workforce management processes to ensure optimal agent availability during peak times, a critical factor in consistently meeting SLAs. To address the Abandon Rate target, we implemented a range of strategies aimed at minimizing abandoned calls, including optimizing call routing, daily follow up on long interactions and constant live monitoring to meet the AHT of the day, coaching on areas of improvement, which gave weekly visibility towards what should be improved, reducing wait times. This comprehensive approach, driven by data insights, continuous development, and strategic optimization, underpinned our ability to consistently meet and surpass our valued healthcare client’s expectations.



Our client set a deviation rate of no more than 5% for the previously discussed KPIs. (documentation,quality, service level agreement, average handle time and abandon rate), and our team was able to bring each KPI to a deviation rate of just 2%, in under 5 months. This exceptional performance stood as a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence and our proven ability to not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations.  


Documentation: We achieved an impressive accuracy rate of 95%, surpassing the client’s 94% target.  

Quality: Our team attained an impressive QA score of 97%, exceeding the client’s 96% target.  

Service Level Agreement (SLA): We successfully achieved an SLA of 88%, surpassing the client’s 85% target.  

Average Handling Time (AHT): Our optimized processes led to a substantial reduction in AHT, achieving an impressive 527 seconds compared to the client’s goal of 618 seconds.  

Abandon Rate: Through our efforts, we improved the Answer Rate to 97% 


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