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Medical Device Company Reduces Error Rate and Saves Money with Pareto Database Solution


Medical monitoring device support company that connects in-home patients experiencing health issues with the support they need in real time.

The Goal

To save money and reduce error rates.

The Challenge

High error rate. CSRs must decide the right person to connect with the in-home patient. Errors are costly; especially if an emergency ambulance dispatch later proved to be unnecessary. High cost to client. Low CSAT.

Our Approach

Analyzed recordings of all calls where an error occurred to determine the root causes for the errors. Developed Pareto database of most common errors and causes. Trained all agents on those errors. Course correction coaching for Agents who committed the errors.


Significant reduction in error rate. Major cost savings for client in unnecessary ambulance costs. Higher CSAT.


of experts work in-center and at-home in Central America, South America, and the Caribean.

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